Tree Removal


We are often asked to dismantle trees in both large and small spaces including areas where access is extremely difficult. We are capable of using various crane techniques whilst complying with all site safety requirements. Our skilled climbers are trained to carry out this kind of work safely and competently.


Sometimes the condition of a tree can be so hazardous that a felling is the only option available. Providing that there is sufficient space we can use this method as it is much quicker than performing a full dismantle. Our Tree Surgeons can control the direction of the trees fall using various winching techniques.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are usually an eye sore, difficult to mow round and hazardous. The tree stumps are removed using grinders that are both fast and effective up to a depth of 40cm below ground level.

Site Clearance of Leylandii trees

Site clearance

This is where all of the trees and shrubs are completely removed from an area. We have the staff and equipment to offer a full site clearance whilst taking care of the habitat of protected animals.